My dear sisters,

   My hearty congratulation to Mother General Sr. Regina, the Team Members and all the MJ sisters for the grand and beautiful suggestion to have a website of your own.

   Your congregation is witnessing a rapid growth and certainly needs an organ to keep you mutually connected. Every member should be kept well informed of all developments and programmes for the future so that there is always mutual support and co-operation. The knowledge of the past will keep you ready for taking fresh action with renewed vigour in the proper perspective. Contemporary events will invite your involvement and participation. As for the future nothing can be achieved without you.

   The Congregation of the Missionaries of Jesus was primarily intended for the youth of the Indus valley. Progress will demand expansion to the other regions. South and Central India will have to be our immediate concerns. Orissa, Bihar and Bengal with the far eastern states are prospective fertile fields for further investigation. The national programme will serve as the first step which will lead to higher international levels.

   This website will keep you connected always and everywhere. God bless you with the showers of graces you need for full flowering forth..


Rev. Dr. Symphorian Keeprath OFM Cap.
Founder MJ Congregation
Bishop Emeritus, Diocese of Jalandhar