On 2nd October we broke forth in double joy. During the solemn Eucharistic celebration offered for our Mother General, three of our postulants entered in the Novitiate with proper preparation. The Holy Mass was offered by His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr. Anil Joseph Thomas Couto and, Rev. Fr. Antony Vezhappilly the Assistant parish priest in the Cathedral. Rev. Sr. Anit Kuvalloor the Asst General and MJ sisters from neighboring communities were present for the Eucharist celebration after which all were led to the Shalom Novitiate House for the solemn breakfast. The senior Novices received the new ones with lighted Candle and they sang hymns before the decorated statues of our heavenly Patrons St. Francis and St. Clare.

   Bishop Anil greeted Rev. Sr. Ranit and all the sisters who bear the name St. Little Therese. He also congratulated our dear Novices with a flower and expressed his love and concern. They cut the cake together and doubled the joy of all present.