Logo of MJ

Symbols in the Emblem

The image of the Globe:

    The image of the globe indicates the special mission for the MISSIONARIES OF JESUS received by our Founder Father through the Holy Spirit. As Christ sent his apostles with the command “Go and proclaim in the whole world and make disciples of whole nation and spread the kingdom of God” We too are sent with a mission by Him to bear witness of His love and compassion all over the world. (Jn 17:18)

    The writings of St. Francis reveal the magnificent concept of the Mission. He knows himself to be, in essence, a missionary. He is conscious of being entrusted with a Mission, having a Mission to perform and a message to proclaim and convey to the whole world.

Open Bible:

    Franciscan spirit and the way of life has its origin in the Gospels. Word of God is the origin of Holiness and strength for each Religious. By our intimacy with the Word of God through deep meditation we become Word of God and we are a Word to others and live a life based on Gospel values.

    The life of prayer and the apostolate of St. Francis are in a strong missionary dimension. It is deeply related with the link with God and the mission to the world. “Only he who has the Good News within his heart can preach. But it is only possible to convince people if one has oneself become the Good News” (We are sent. Lesson unit 13.2). The aim of all missionary activity is 'world wide' propagation of the Gospel.


    The burning love of our Father Francis for the crucified Lord made him crying “My God My all” this should inspire us too, to often go to our Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament who fills our hearts with burning love for the souls. Simplicity and purity of heart lift us from earthly things. We are called to comprehend God and taste him by a pure heart we pray to Mother Mary “keep my body pure and my soul Holy”.

Burning Candle:

    The burning candle reminds each of us that we are called to be the light that give light to all people by the holiness of our life, personal prayer life, selfless service for the kingdom of God and by our fraternal love. By all these the rays of the burning candle is spread to the whole world and it radiate into the hearts of other people.


    It indicates the total surrender of each MJ to the crucified Jesus who called her personally and set apart for a particular mission. To attain the glory of the Cross is the ultimate goal of each MJ. To reach the cross means to choose the way of the cross in our day to day life and to enjoy the beauty of the cross with eyes of wonder and marvel. The cross shows us the ways of penance. The Spirit of penance and Sacrifices have prominent place in our Franciscan Family because the spirit of penance manifested in the Gospel is the basic of our Rule.