Every missionary activity must be rooted in the love of God. When Jesus wanted to confer the supreme mission on Peter, he asked him three times solemnly; “Simon son of John do you love me?” (Jn 21: 15 - 17). The basis of all religious life is Gospel in which love is the principle of action. So each and every activity of ours should be rooted in the Gospel; in the deep rooted love. The love that supports each missionary to depend upon the love relationship of the Holy Trinity, which reveals that the mission of Jesus was rooted in the depths of the love among Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


   The Consecrated Chastity, Obedience and Poverty are the source and summit of our total surrender to Jesus. Surrender to Jesus means to be fully submissive to him; “Love all things for Jesus’ sake but love Jesus for his own sake. Jesus Christ alone is to be loved in a special way, because he alone is the most and best faithful friend.” (Imitation of Christ Book II: Chapter 8)

To surrender fully to Jesus we shall strive to be:-

- Women of prayer and holiness
- Women of good conscience
- Women with purity of mind and simplicity of intention.
- Women of humble submission


    Proclamation of the Word of God pertains to the Charism of the Missionaries of Jesus. We are called to this life to carry out this special mission in the world. St. Francis of Assisi is our inspiration for this. The Word of God challenges us to announce the Kingdom of God. We should be open, attentive and sincere to the voice of the Holy Spirit. 

The writing of St. Francis shows that a missionary who proclaim is;

- A new evangelist (1 Cel 99)
- A kind of new light (1 Cel 36)
- A person filled with the Holy Spirit.

We must be aware of that mission and the goal of our life is to make way for the great flow of God’s love.